Trash into Treasure – Reuse Old Battery as a Power Bank

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It is known to all that batteries have a lifespan. When the phone’s battery capacity is below 80%, the phone’s battery life will become very short. It’s necessary to replace the new battery with a new one. For old batteries, simply throwing away is not only a waste, but also can pollute the environment. So REWA will share a way to convert old batteries into a power bank. We can contribute to environmental protection by turning trash into treasure.

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00:00 Intro
00:17 Brief Introduction
00:46 Tools and Materials
00:57 Combine Two Batteries
02:48 Connect Batteries and Power Board
05:04 Install the Middle Frame to the Housing
05:46 Test

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  1. Please tell why you removed the BMS ?

    The primary function of the BMS is to protect the battery cells from damage caused by being overcharged or over-discharged. Additionally, the BMS calculates the remaining charge, monitors the battery’s temperature, monitors the battery’s health and safety by checking for loose connections and internal shorts. The BMS also balances the charge across the cells to keep each cell functioning at maximum capacity.

    If it detects any unsafe conditions, the BMS shuts the battery down to protect the lithium-ion cells and the user.

  2. For people wanting to do this, please make sure batteries are identical to each other in voltage, if not, charge them individually.
    Both batteries will drain down close to one and other, rather than one draining less than other and not getting fully charged, loosing mah's.

  3. Very cool as a project, but aren't you replacing the phone battery because it is not good anymore in the first place? Using it in a powerbank would just make for a powerbank that doesn't hold much of a charge and needs to be recharged often? Specifically, if you use it on your iPhone, it would not even give it a full charge. A 10,000 mAh powerbank of that size can charge your iPhone at least 3 times.

  4. I've managed a while back to get ahold of two lithium ion batterys out of some old display cases both being 3.7v, with one being 7500mAh and the other being +6000mAh. Was wondering if the same case you used in the vid would be able to work for them or do certain powerbank boards work with certain mAh sizes. I'm new to this and curious how it all works, thanks 👍

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