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99% लोग नहीं जानते लैपटॉप का ये फैक्ट 😦
Laptop ke charger par cylinder kyu hota hai ?
Why are there cylinders on laptop chargers?

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1.What this tiny cylindrical thing at the end of your charger is for ?
2.What purpose does the small cylindrical module near the end of my laptop charger cable serve ?
3. What is the function of cylinder part of a laptop charger ?
4.Why there is a cylinder on a laptop charger ?
5. What is the black cylinder at the end of your laptop ?
6. What is that cylinder in our laptop charger ?
7. What is the tiny cylinder in power chords and cable ?
8. Ferrite Bead in laptop charger
9. Is ferrite bead necessary ?
10. What is ferrite beads used for ?
11. Laptop ke charger par cylinder kyu hota hai ?

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Portable USB Power Bank cum stand for Smartphones #shorts  
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